Areas of Practice

In General

The litigation department at Pellot-González is dedicated to the zealous and cost effective defense of its clients’ interests. With wide experience in both judicial and administrative proceedings at the state and federal level, our team of litigators is well versed in negotiation and litigation avoidance, but also ready to successfully try a case when necessary. Based on the trust that stems from attorney-client privilege, we design a strategy aimed at an early, advantageous settlement or success in court.

The members of this division have excelled in matters involving tax litigation, commercial and contractual disputes, management defense in labor claims, estate law, construction law, property law, mortgage foreclosures, banking and torts. All litigators have the sets of skills necessary for trial and appellate advocacy. Above all, our team has the conviction that hard work and preparation in advance are the true keys to success in litigation.

Administrative Proceedings

Renowned for its representation of clients before the Puerto Rico Treasury Department, the Internal Revenue Service and the Municipal Revenues Collection Center and Municipalities, Pellot-González has a wide range of experience in other agency proceedings. Clients have received Pellot- Gonzalez’s able assistance in matters before the Labor Department of Puerto Rico, the Department of Economic Development and Commerce, the Department of Consumer Affairs, the United States Patent and Trademark Office, the Puerto Rico Trademark Office and other forums.

Appellate Practice

Besides their formidable trial advocacy skills, the litigation group members have excelled in appellate practice. All of our members worked as judicial clerks in either the Supreme Court or the Court of Appeals of Puerto Rico. Our Of Counsel, retired Chief Judge of the Court of Appeals, Luis Rivera Román esq., served in that forum for nine years. Furthermore, our attorneys have filed countless appellate briefs in a wide array of cases. This expertise enhances our work as trial attorneys, for oftentimes, parties have to analytically predict the higher courts’ conduct in order to effectively make their cases at the trial level.

Attorneys in this Practice

Luis Rivera-Román (Of Counsel)

Xiomara Del Toro-Díaz

Ilia Pellot-Juliá

Luis M. Pellot-Juliá